About Energylinx

Who is Energylinx?

We are a leading energy comparison and switching specialist and have commercial relationships with more UK energy suppliers than any other comparison provider.

We are a trusted provider of energy comparison services to some of the UK's best-known consumer organisations, including Which?. We also operate a market-leading affiliate programme, with over 200 active partners promoting our service to their customers.

Our mission

Energylinx has made it our mission to make the process of comparing and changing energy suppliers as easy and secure as possible for everyone.

We aim to make the whole industry transparent and accountable, ensuring that the domestic consumer is able to compare all energy suppliers.

Energylinx is independent of all the energy suppliers that we represent.

Energylinx is truly unbiased and unlike the majority of energy comparison websites, we list every single gas and electricity supplier in the UK. You will find energy suppliers on Energylinx that you will not find on any other price comparison currently operating in the UK.

Prices and information are always 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Who owns Energylinx?

Energylinx is part of Future.

Whilst Energylinx does provide analysis to many energy companies allowing them to set their prices in line with the entire industry, no energy supplier has any stake in Energylinx. This means that we remain 100% impartial and our customers will always be presented with the best deal for their household.