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Since 2021, the cost of gas and electricity has skyrocketed, which meant massive increases to your bills.

But wholesale prices are beginning to fall, and on 1 July 2023 a new, cheaper energy price cap took effect for the first time in 18 months. As energy prices start to come down, suppliers will begin offering more competitive tariffs again, so you can once again compare prices to see if you can find a cheaper deal.

When will I be able to switch providers?

You can still switch suppliers by going direct, but you’ll probably end up paying more than you do now.

My tariff is running out soon, so what should I do?

Once your tariff ends, your supplier will move you to its standard variable tariff (SVT). This will likely affect your bills as the price can vary throughout the length of the tariff.

Before your current deal ends, you can find out your supplier’s SVT rate and compare this with other tariffs to see if you could save by switching.

What happens if my energy provider goes bust?

If your supplier stops trading, take a meter reading and wait to be contacted. Don’t switch to another provider – it’ll likely fail and further complicate things. Your energy supply won’t be cut off. Once Ofgem have appointed your new supplier, it’ll be in touch.

Who is my energy supplier?

Check your latest energy bill – it should have your supplier’s name and tariff information.

If you don’t have a bill to hand, you can get in touch with Citizens Advice. Alternatively, find your gas or electricity operator is on the Energy Networks Association website. Then give the operator a call to be told who supplies your energy.

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Where do I start switch energy supplier?

Thinking of changing your energy supplier but don’t know where to start? We get it. Comparing energy suppliers can be overwhelming. There is good news though, using an Ofgem accredited energy comparison website (like Energylinx) will take the confusion out of comparing and switching energy suppliers.

Why switch energy suppliers?

There are different reasons for each household. You might want an energy company that supplies renewable energy, has excellent customer service ratings or one that can save you money.

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We use EV SSL security certificates to protect your data and we will never sell your data.


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Once you have selected a new supplier, you don’t have to do anything until your new supplier requests your opening meter reading.

Will switching energy supplier cost me money?

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Will switching energy suppliers with you cost me money?
Comparing through us is free!

Your new energy supplier will pay us a fee when your switch is completed but this fee is already included in the marketing budgets of the energy supplier, so you don’t pay a penny extra.

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Exit fees

It is important to note that exit fees are common with fixed rate tariffs if you switch early. If you are on a fixed rate tariff, then you should check whether you'll incur a fee for cancelling your current energy deal before arranging a transfer to a new energy supplier.

The good news is that all energy suppliers should now allow you to leave up to 49 days ahead of your energy tariff's end date without incurring a penalty.

Who is Ofgem?

Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets and acts as the regulator to the energy industry.

The purpose of Ofgem is to protect the interests of electricity and gas consumers in Great Britain.

There are several ways in which Ofgem do this, including;

  • Promoting competition in the energy market
  • Promoting value for money for consumers
  • Regulating the industry; including energy suppliers and energy price comparison websites
  • Delivering government initiatives
  • Promoting security of supply and sustainability, for present and future generations of consumers, domestic and industrial users

Ofgem Confidence Code

Ofgem currently runs the Confidence Code, a voluntary code of practice for domestic energy price comparison websites. Energylinx is one of the eleven energy comparison websites accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code.

Any energy comparison websites that bears the Confidence Code logo should be able to do the following:

  • help you find the best energy tariff for your household
  • provide a free and easy-to-use energy comparison and switching service
  • provide you with detailed information on each energy tariff, including gas and electricity unit prices
  • detail any discounts available, such a direct debit or paperless billing discount

Here are all the latest gas and electricity price updates that will be included in your energy quote.

Your questions answered

How long will the switching take?

Switching can take around three weeks - but this includes your 14 day cooling off period. The actual switch could take as little as five days, or even less.

You'll be told exactly how long it'll take when you arrange your switch with your new supplier.

Will I be left without power during a switch?

No. There should be no disruption to your energy connection, so you can carry on as normal.

Can I change my mind?

Yes! There's a 14 day cooling off period.

If you change your mind during this time, the switch won't go ahead and you'll stay with your existing supplier.

Can I switch energy supplier if I rent?

If you're responsible for paying the bills, then yes you have the right to choose your supplier.

If you're not sure who's responsible for paying the energy bills, check your tenancy agreement.