Switching Process

As part of the switch process, we validate as much of the customer input data as possible to ensure that by the time we pass customer data to you, it’s as comprehensive and accurate as it can be. To provide a perfect switch we have presented a list of guidelines that you may want to take into account, which have been listed below.

MPAS Information

Our systems automatically identify MPAS information* (MPANs, MPRNs and meter serial numbers) which can be passed to you. However if this information isn’t found for some reason, then you are given the option to either accept and process the customers information automatically or ask the customer to provide their details manually.

*approximately 92% of cases MPAS is identified

Credit Checking

To credit check your customers you will first need their permission stating whether they accept it or not. If they do not want this process to be carried out, then you have the decision to either allow them or not allow them to progress further.


Confirm what requirements you want for customers to use your tariff option, these typically might be:

  • All addresses in the previous three years
  • 3 addresses in the previous three years
  • Accept reject customers with a previous overseas address if this directly before existing address


Set the age range of customers which you will be happy to provide for. The majority of suppliers that we currently work with accept customers between the ages of 18- 110 years old.

Type of switch

The type of switch relates to how you want people to join your tariff, we have various different channels that you can use.

These are presented as follows:

  • Online switches only
  • Online quote with offline confirmation
  • Offline switch via inbound call
  • Offline switch via outbound call
  • Face to face switch
  • Automated switch with LOA (Letter of Authority)

The way your customer can switch to your tariff can be changed at any time you want.

Closure tariff runtime

In some circumstances the customers may not have entirely completed their switch by the time a tariff has been removed from sale by you. This typically occurs where the supplier is seeking 100% population of MPAS data and the customer has confirmed the switch but neither we nor they could immediately obtain MPAS data so they are seeking this from the existing supplier to the property. The information below is the options that are available: