Getting Listed

We know it is a tiresome process of understanding the terms of information you need in order to set up. So, we have made it our personal mission to compile all of our supplier on-boarding into an easily readable format, presented in progressive stages of how it would need to be maintained.

First starting with the basic information of your business:

Corporate information

  • Company information (who you are, company ethos and any other information to assist customers switch)
  • Company Logo
  • Cancellation Period
  • Electricity and Gas TIL name

Tariff Information

  • Tariff Name
  • Fuel types available
  • Is tariff available offline
  • Exit fees
  • Fixed or variable prices (If fixed, to when or how long)
  • Is online paperless and/or paper billing available (If paper, is there a charge)
  • Any tariff applicable discounts
  • Terms and conditions of tariff
  • Key bullet point features of tariff
  • VAT inclusive or exclusive
  • If postcode or DNO restricted areas exist, please provide list
  • Is gas or dual fuel tariff available for IGT customers (If fuel type is offered)
  • Payment types available (Download)

Contact Information

  • TPI main contact telephone numbers
  • TPI main contact email addresses
  • Customer services email address
  • Cancellation email address
  • Status update email address