Supporting services

Our primary role as a broker is to provide comparison and switching platforms for the purposes of matching consumers with suppliers. We do this by providing accurate tariff pricing to the consumers making the transfer to you the supplier as seamless as possible. This skill set however has allowed us to develop additional services that suppliers find useful in the development and growth of their business.

API Services

Various technologies are required to develop the right solution for each supplier, rather than one size fits all, at Energylinx we have a suite of services that you can take advantage of:

  • Safe Sandbox Environment
  • SLA & Shared management system


Offline sales through contact centres have become a very important channel for the acquisition of new customers

  • Access via a dedicated secure URL with user name and password login
  • Full training & How to guide
  • SLC 25 Compliant
  • Call scoring for quality control

Pricing & Analysis

For those suppliers wishing to take a more in-depth hands on approach we can provide services from raw supplier tariff information to sophisticated analysis tools to assist in interpreting the market.

  • Pricing Feeds
  • Pricing Checking
  • Standard & Bespoke Reports
  • Access to historical data