Founded in 1995, Ecotricity are a small eco-friendly energy supplier, who became the first green energy company in the world when it began sourcing its electricity from a wind power in 1996. By 2010, Ecotricity started to offer 'green gas' (currently only 2% green) which is generated through food waste.

Ecotricity offer a unique business model that they refer to as 'Bills into Mills'. Ecotricity use the money generated from their customer's energy bills to fund new windmills. All profits made by Ecotricity go in to their mission of changing the way electricity is made and used in Britain.

Electricity is 30% responsible for the UK's carbon emissions and Ecotricity want to rectify that. Electricity is the biggest single source of carbon emissions in Britain, followed by transport and food: between them accounting for 80% of all personal carbon footprints.

Ecotricity are trying to find ways to cut Britain's carbon emissions in transport and food as well. They built Britain's first electric super car, a demonstration of how cars of the future could actually be wind powered. Not satisfied with this they started the world's first national network of charging stations to help kick start the electric car revolution in Britain. When it comes to food they are currently developing a wind powered tractor and other farm energy concepts.

In their pursuit for 'Green Britain" Ecotricity are truly leading the way when it comes to green energy. Their vision of a place where everyone lives more sustainable lives and ethical business is completely normal.

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Date of last update: May 2015

Tariffs last updated 19 November