Business Gas

The Energylinx Business Gas service has been designed as a free service to business gas customers throughout the UK.

Whether your business is large or small if you gas for your business then Energylinx is sure to be able to help you and find out whether or not your existing or proposed business gas contract can be improved upon.

To get the best business gas prices please click here and complete your details online and we will find the best business gas prices we can for you.

Business Gas contracts tend to be for periods of between one and five years and although at first glance business gas contracts tend to look similar there are major differences to look out for.

Even if you are not using the free Energylinx business gas service we would recommend that you look out for the following in any business gas contract.

  1. Make sure you have a defined end date for your business gas contract and in turn know exactly what happens at that date and coming up to that date.
  2. Typical pitfalls with business gas contracts include:
    1. Suppliers who state that you must provide them notice to change within a specific period and if you miss that date you automatically move into a new business gas contract with them. Regardless of cost Energylinx would advise very much against this form of business gas contract.
    2. Suppliers who state that they reserve the right to charge a new undefined business gas unit cost if you are late paying a bill. It is right that you must pay on time and if you are late then again penalties that reflect the extra cost to the supplier are reasonable but penalty charges are not.
    3. Suppliers who place you into a secondary contract with a minimum period if you do nothing at the end of the initial business gas contract.

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The ideal business gas contract is for a fixed period with a defined end date and at the end of that period you move onto an ‘out of contract’ business gas rate. Whilst this means that you pay most likely more for your business gas prices at least you are not tied into anything and as soon as you notice then you can simply change to a new business gas contract.

Your energy supplier will always encourage you to simply renew your business gas contract with them at the end of the contract period, whilst they may still be the best business gas supplier for you we would still recommend that you compare all business gas prices using our free service to ensure that the price that you are paying for your business gas still represents good value for money.

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This page was last updated 30th August 2009