Become an Energylinx Affiliate Partner

Energylinx have been offering domestic energy price comparison services since 2002, we were one of the earliest signatories to the Confidence Code, today administered by OFGEM.  We are proud of heritage and are renowned for our impartiality.

We provide our/your customers with largest range of suppliers/tariffs that they can actually switch to. We have over 5,000 partners all of whom have their own customisable white label energy comparison platform

Why choose the Energylinx affiliate programme?

We recognise that our affiliate partners form a strategic element of our entire operational strategy, so you can be assured that not only will we provide you with absolutely the best tools in the market but we endeavour to ensure that our affiliate programme is best in class.

Affiliate partners are offered a white label energy comparison service completely free of charge that can be further enhanced with an offline (inbound UK based call centre) capability.

We provide real-time analytics through our own online resource center where you can view the amount energy personal projections created, the amount of switched arranged, the status of those switches and a whole lot more

What you can earn:

Complete the online application to get an immediate assessment of the commission fees that we can offer you.

Our affiliate programme also offers you:

How do I apply?

Date of last update: 4th May 2015