White Rose Energy

Launched in September 2016, White Rose Energy are a not-for-profit energy provider open to everyone in Yorkshire. They were established by Leeds City Council in partnership with Robin Hood Energy. Their aim is to provide customers in Yorkshire with consistently low prices alongside great customer service. They also want to offer a much fairer deal for prepayment customers, who have traditionally been poorly served by the energy market.

White Rose Energy have no private or public shareholders and don’t pay out bonuses to directors. If the partnership has any surplus leftover once overheads have been covered, any residual money will be used to fund projects to reduce fuel poverty across the Yorkshire region.

The core purpose of White Rose Energy is to provide a straight-forward, honest service, that puts customers at the heart of everything they do. At White Rose Energy there is a retained promise to always work tirelessly to keep energy prices competitive and in doing so, to consistently help customers save money on their energy bills.

Key features of White Rose Energy:

  • Hassle free switching
  • Monthly billing (no option of quarterly bills so you know exactly what you are spending)
  • No cancellation fees and no tie-in to any contract
  • Not-for-profit partnership
  • UK customer service centre
  • Installation of smart Pay-As-You-Go meters for any electricity or dual fuel customers with traditional prepayment meters, helping customers to manage their energy usage more easily
  • The ability to switch from smart PAYG mode to credit based arrangements at no charge, where a customer hasn’t used their emergency credit facility for a continuous 3 month period
  • A wide range of available payment methods, including PayPoint, online, telephone, or text

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Date of last update: September 2016

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017