Established in 2003 in a sharp response to issues outlined within the Energy White Paper of February 2001: climate change, security of supply, fuel poverty and ageing infrastructure, their aim was to encourage consumers to use less energy as this, they believe, was the most cost effective way to deal with these issues. Utilita is the first supplier to focus on the needs of prepayment customers and maintains competitive tariffs and continually develop user friendly ways to use pay-as-you-go meters.

Currently only able to supply gas and electricity to the following areas: Northern, Norweb, Manweb, Midlands, Southern, Seeboard, London, eastern and Yorkshire – Utilita aim to eventually be able to supply the whole of the UK. They passed the milestone of 100,000 customers in May 2014.

2014 also seen them launch their new Secure Handset smart metering technology. This is a simple touchscreen interface which allows customers to adapt their energy usage habits to allow them to become more energy efficient and help them save money.

To find out more about Utilita click here. If you would like to compare Utilita Tariffs with others on the market in a straight-forward and easy way, Energylinx provides the best platform to do so click here for a simple comparison.


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