Together Energy

Together Energy is a UK based gas and electricity company, entering the supply market in 2016. The owners have over 40 years' experience in the industry and understand how to serve customers in an easy and efficient manner. Together Energy's mission is to become the most trusted energy supplier in the UK.

Together Energy entered the market because they don't believe that the faceless companies of today make the right decisions on issues such as; investment, customer service and innovation. Together Energy say that their customers will benefit from their success and their directors are hands-on and will always be available for a call.

Together Energy promise never to send customer data or their customer service offshore. Together Energy will reward customer loyalty annually, and genuinely want their customers to be engaged in their success.

Together Energy promise never to confuse their customers with convoluted telephone dials. Their agents will all be fully trained to deal with any queries that may arise.
Together Energy promise to always get the basics rights, and when things go wrong, they will carry the anxiety – not pass it on to their customers.

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Date of last update: September 2016

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017