SWALEC offer a range of price packages to reflect the needs of their gas and electricity customers.


SWALEC Price Packages include:


Electricity General Domestic - General Domestic is one of the range of SWALEC prices designed for homes where little electricity is used during the night


Electricity Economy 7 - Economy 7 discounts the electricity price for 7 hours each night and is therefore suitable for homes that use over 15% of their consumption at night.


Gas Standard - Suitable for all homes with mains gas, there is a Service Charge calculated per day and a unit rate.


As one of their price packages, SWALEC off a Nil Service Charge product, this is for people who only wish to pay for the units they have actually used. The rates are organised into primary, secondary and follow-on rates.


SWALEC is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group. SWALEC supplies gas and electricity across Great Britain .


SWALEC were one of the original electricity boards, known at the time as South Wales Electricity Board until a name change in 1990 to SWALEC plc.


SWALEC are today a brand of Scottish and Southern Energy.


Today Scottish and Southern Energy own four energy supply companies, all trading as part of the parent company, Scottish Hydro-Electric, SWALEC, Southern Electric and Atlantic Electric and Gas.


SWALEC prices are comparable with Scottish Hydro-Electric and Southern Electric although in their first tier territory SWALEC only offer SWALEC prices.


If you wish to compare SWALEC prices with other suppliers of gas and electricity use the Energylinx home energy price comparison provided here.


It will take you less than five minutes to compare SWALEC prices with the other gas and electricity suppliers.

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