Southend Energy

Southend Energy is a partnership between Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and OVO Energy, an award winning independent energy supplier.

A local energy company, Southend Energy will initially serve the 75,000 people in the South-on-Sea Borough area. This is the first time in 60 years that the council have ran an energy company.

Southend Energy aim to provide customers with a hassle-free, customer-focused service and fairer prices for their energy bills.

Not only will all local residents and businesses benefit from Southend Energy's competitive deals, but some of their energy bill will be reinvested in local public services at a time of extensive belt-tightening for local authorities. What's more, customers of Southend Energy will be able to make decisions about how some of the income could be used to support the fuel poor at a local level.

OVO Energy consistently do well in customer service surveys and received 80% customer satisfaction in Which? Poll for Best Energy Supplier in 2015. The Which? Switch survey rates 22 UK gas and electricity suppliers through the biggest publicly available survey of its kind. It gathers opinions from more than 9,000 energy customers and rates energy suppliers on a range of measures including customer service, value for money and accuracy of bills.

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Date of last update: June 2015

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017