OVO Energy

OVO Energy launched in 2009 and has established itself as a leading energy supplier. Founder, Stephen Fitzpatrick, had no energy background - just a vision of how energy suppliers should be.

OVO Energy keep a very active eye on wholesale prices and buy at the right time. Being a supplier who is about service, not profit, they pass back any savings they make to their customers. Any customer that is in a credit with the supplier will receive a 3% OVO Interest Reward paid on credit balances. They keep their tariffs simple and offer 33% renewable electricity as standard, if you choose to be on their renewable energy electricity plan they guarantee that for every unit you buy from them they will buy one back that is 100% renewable.

OVO Energy are taking their social responsibility seriously and have started the OVO Foundation. Customers can opt to donate £3 a year to the foundation, a donation which OVO will then match. The OVO Foundation help tackle issues with the environment, youth poverty, as homelessness. Since it began, one mission OVO has supported is Cool Earth's mission to halt deforestation by putting local people in charge. Through over £1.4 million of funding, OVO has contributed to one of the highest impact conservation programmes anywhere in the world.

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Date of last update: August 2016

Tariffs last updated 16 Jan 2017