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September 16, 2005

Utilita increase their domestic gas prices

Utilita, the UK's first company who designed their electricity and gas tariffs on the basis that they would not only help you save money but they would help reduce your actual energy consumption has today announced some changes to their domestic gas prices.

Utilita's tariff pricing structure is referenced against the local electricity supplier for your area and the current standard tariff from British Gas.

With British Gas increasing their prices last week, Utilita has announced an increase in its domestic gas prices today.

With gas and electricity prices set to continue on an upward spiral Energylinx would encourage everyone to carry out a comparison of all the tariffs available to them.

The unique, 100% impartial energy price comparison service, accredited by energywatch and provided free of charge by Energylinx lists every single tariff available to your home and allows you to transfer online or by phone to the best possible tariff.

If you wish to carry out an online comparison feel free to use the following calculators:

Gas Price Comparison

Dual Fuel Price Comparison

Electricity Price Comparison

These Energylinx calculators are unique in that they allow you to compare the prices of all energy suppliers.

Energylinx will arrange the whole transfer process for you, including notifying your existing supplier of any planned change and tracking the transfer to ensure that it occurs on time and accurately. Energylinx provides its services completely free of charge to the domestic consumer.

Posted on September 16, 2005 at 11:45 AM