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November 10, 2005

Scottish and Southern Energy increase energy prices from 1st January

Energy Group, Scottish and Southern Energy announced yesterday that its energy customers will see electricity prices rise between 8.9% and 12% and gas prices by 13.6% early in the new year.

These increases will take affect for domestic electricity and gas customers on January 1 2006.

Prices for electricity customers will rise between 8.9% and 12% and the price rise for gas customers will be 13.6%.

With 6.1 million customers (12.6% market share) Scottish and Southern Energy operate four energy brands, Atlantic Electric and Gas, Scottish Hydro-Electric, SWALEC and Southern Electric.

Scottish and Southern Energy said it had frozen prices for as long as possible but it had been forced to pass on some of the wholesale increase on to customers.

The firm last announced a price rise in February this year.

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October 04, 2005

ScottishPower increase dometic energy prices and introduce a new capped price tariff.

ScottishPower,having absorbed soaring wholesale costs longer than most of its main rivals, today announced higher gas and electricity prices plus a new Capped Price Offer shielding customers from further increases until October 2007.

Willie MacDiarmid, ScottishPower's Director of Energy Retail, said: “Like all energy suppliers, ScottishPower has been hit by the unprecedented rise in wholesale prices. We have frozen prices for as long as possible, but unfortunately are now forced to pass on part of this increase to customers. ”

From 17 October electricity prices will rise by between 5% and 8%, depending on payment method and region, with gas going up by 12%. These increases are significantly less than others announced recently, with competitors imposing increases of up to 14.2% on both gas and electricity. This means that ScottishPower's standard gas and electricity offer will still be cheaper than many of its main rivals.

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September 28, 2005

New Powergen Capped Price Tariff launched today

Powergen today has launched a new capped price energy tariff, where the prices are capped until 2007.

With this latest tariff Powergen has said that the domestic gas and electricity customer will benefit from the following:

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September 16, 2005

Utilita increase their domestic gas prices

Utilita, the UK's first company who designed their electricity and gas tariffs on the basis that they would not only help you save money but they would help reduce your actual energy consumption has today announced some changes to their domestic gas prices.

Utilita's tariff pricing structure is referenced against the local electricity supplier for your area and the current standard tariff from British Gas.

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September 09, 2005

British Gas increase domestic gas and electricity prices

British Gas, today announced it is to increase domestic energy prices. This follows recent moves by Powergen and EDF Energy.

The 14.2 per cent increase in gas and electricity prices takes effect from 19 September 2005 and comes on the back of record highs in the cost of wholesale gas driven by soaring oil prices and declining North Sea gas reserves.

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September 07, 2005

Renewable Wave and Tidal Energy

Renewable wave and tidal energy could provide up to 10 per cent of Scottish electricity production and create around 7,000 new jobs under measures announced today.

Deputy First Minister and Enterprise Minister Nicol Stephen said he was making major changes to renewable energy regulations to kick start multi-million pound investments in marine energy.

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August 27, 2005

EBICo - latest energy supplier to increase energy prices

EBICO, the not for profit supplier founded in 1998 has finally succumbed to market pressure and increased the price of its gas and electricity tariffs.

After 22 months since their last increase EBICo has followed the rest of the market and announced a price increase which takes effect for existing customers from the 1st September 2005.

EBICo launched its first product in 1999. EQUIGAS was an innovative domestic gas tariff that delivered lower prices to pre-payment meter (ppm) customers (predominantly low income households) by enabling customers who paid by Direct Debit to share the savings inherent in their preferred payment method with ppm customers.

Based on the success of this product, EBICo launched EQUIPOWER in 2002.

EQUICLIMATE was launched in 2005. This innovative service enables individuals, households and organisations to use the Europe-wide market in Carbon Dioxide to offset the CO2 footprint they produce.

EBICo has a number of other social justice products in development. If you would like to be kept in touch with progress, please call or email us.

EBICo use Scottish and Southern Energy to carry out all their contract administration so anyone transferring to either EBICOs Equigas or Equipower will see their bills delivered by Scottish and Southern Energy with the tariff priced and marked accordingly.

Whilst EBICo still offers an extremely competitive alternative to the mainstream suppliers, Energylinx would still recommend that anyone considering a change of supplier or wishing to see the impact of these latest price increases carries out a free search on any the calculators below:

Gas Price Comparison

Dual Fuel Price Comparison

Electricity Price Comparison

These Energylinx calculators are unique in that they allow you to compare the prices of all energy suppliers.

Energylinx will arrange the whole transfer process for you, including notifying your existing supplier of any planned change and tracking the transfer to ensure that it occurs on time and accurately. Energylinx provides its services completely free of charge to the domestic consumer.

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July 01, 2005

Utilita reviews its gas and electricity tariff names

Utilita, the UK's first company who designed their electricity and gas tariffs on the basis that they would not only help you save money but they would help reduce your actual energy consumption has today announced some changes.

The good news is that Utilita are not increasing their gas and electricity prices, rather they have taken the opportunity to rebrand their current packages.

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Independent Gas Transporters - Emergency Cover

OFGEM, The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, has published a Consultation Document "Emergency Service Arrangements provided by Distribution Networks to Independent Gas Transporters". The document is available from

The consultation ends on the 11th August and although the document is available in the public domain, Energylinx is concerned that the average domestic customer who has their gas supply connected via an Independent Gas Transporter is probably not aware of any potential changes to their emergency cover arrangements.

Changes are possible from 31st March 2006 when the current arrangements covering emergency cover fall away and the consultation document proposes four alternatives in terms of the licence condition. These are:

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June 24, 2005

British Gas reports loss of 445,000 energy accounts

Centrica plc, the parent of British Gas has today issued a trading statement which notes that they have lost a total of 445,000 energy accounts during this financial year.

This is despite successfully selling new energy contracts at the rate of 55,000 per week.

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May 10, 2005

British Gas considers gas price hikes

Centrica, parent to British Gas, announced yesterday at their AGM that gas prices may have to be increased again. Sir Roy Gardner, Chief Executive, announced that whilst their financial performance was good in the first quarter of 2005 that looking forward they still see further volatility in the gas curve.

Gardner believes that wholesale prices are running some 25% higher than at the time of their earlier 2004 results announcement. As a result, his view is that an appropriate retail price increase may yet have to be taken during 2005 to protect their gross margin.

Energylinx has updated the analysis of British Gas residential results originally carried out in December 2004, when interim results for British Gas were available to June 2004.

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May 06, 2005

Gas Distribution Charges set to increase

Transco has published its indicative charges for gas distribution networks.

Under the terms of Transco's Gas Transporter licence they must provide OFGEM with notice of any proposal to alter their charges at least 150 days before the proposed implementation date.

Worst effected by this proposed change will be gas consumers served by the London Distribution Network where the increase is proposed at 11.5%.

The is followed closely by the North Distribution Network where the increase is proposed at 8.5%.

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March 25, 2005

ScottishPower Domestic Gas Prices increase

ScottishPower has announced an increase in domestic gas prices effective from 1st April. ScottishPower blame the increase in wholesale gas and electricity prices over the last twelve months as the main reason for this latest change.

Over the last twelve months we have seen wholesale gas prices increase by 57% and wholesale electricity prices increase by 47%.

ScottishPower currently has around one million customers who have taken advantage of capped rate tariffs that will not be affected by this increase.

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March 09, 2005

EDF Energy Increase Online Energy Prices

With effect from today, EDF Energy has increased the cost of its online energy accounts across its three brands, London Energy, SWEB Energy and Seeboard Energy.

The increase does not affect existing customers and is applicable to anyone joining EDF Energy on one of its Online Energy Accounts from today onwards.

Through its three brands, London Energy, SWEB Energy and Seeboard Energy, EDF Energy supplies energy to over 5 million customer accounts in the UK.

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February 14, 2005

Powergen launch new Capped Price Energy tariff

Powergen has today launched a new capped price domestic energy tariff where prices are capped until the 1st January 2007.

The tariff is available to domestic energy consumers who select both their gas and electricity from Powergen.

Payment is available by monthly direct debit or by quarterly bill.

With the volatility of energy domestic energy prices over the last 18 months it may well be worth considering a "Capped" price product to provide some stability in your monthly payments.

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