MPRN (M number, Meter Point Reference Number)


MPRN: Each property in the UK that has a mains gas supply has an MPRN and in some circumstances more than one MPRN. The MPRN is unique to the property and does not change if you change supplier or even if you move.


Sometimes the MPRN is referred to as a M Number or Meter Point Reference Number


Your MPRN should be printed on a recent gas bill. Most suppliers print the MPRN on either the first page of their gas bills or the reverse of the front page.


Your MPRN should not be confused with your gas supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on the meter itself. Some very recent gas meter installations have the MPRN clearly identified on the meter itself although this practice is however quite rare.


The format of a MPRN is quite standard and consists of between 6 and 10 numerical digits only.


If the MPRN starts with 74 or 75 then you should be aware that gas is piped to your property by an Independent Gas Transporter. This may have an adverse effect on the price you pay for gas as some gas suppliers charge a premium rate to customers served by an Independent Gas Transporter.


If your MPRN is not printed on a recent gas bill or if have just moved into your home and do not yet have a gas bill, you can find out your MPRN by:



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