iSupply Energy

iSupply Energy came on to the market in 2012 and is a British-owned, independent electricity supplier based in Dorset. They aim to revolutionise the market and to help re-build trust in an industry that they believe is well over due a shake-up.

Their goal is to put the consumer back in control of how they buy their energy and revolutionise the energy industry. What they mean by this is that they won't have any confusing discounts, cash back offers or complex incentives. What they continuously offer is simple, low prices. They come with a promise that if wholesale market prices go down, theirs will follow quickly. They offer high quality customer support using technology instead of call centres to help their customers.

Due to their competitive pricing structure, no additional discount is applied for customers taking both Gas and Electricity (Dual Fuel) contracts with iSupplyEnergy.

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Date of last update: May 2015

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017