Iresa Limited

Iresa Limited is an independent UK gas and electricity supplier based in Nottingham.

Iresa's core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Passionate about our customers and people
  • Measure success through sustainable customer satisfaction and energy affordability

Iresa Limited was started because the Director, Adeniyi Oladeji, had the passion to build something special and different to what he had been doing previously

One day Adeniyi had a eureka moment where he realised that the average customers are paying more for their energy than the average direct debit customer and also that energy companies are operational companies. Do you know that the people who pay the highest amount for their energy are the poorest? Adeniyi did, therefore he thought to himself "Why not come up with a technology that will reduce the operational cost and pass it down to the customers".

Iresa Limited are able to achieve this goal by running a lean and efficient energy supply business.

Iresa Limited was created with a protocol revolving around the customers. There are no third parties involved in the company's operation (except when required by regulation) which means that what you see at Iresa Limited is what you get and the rationale behind starting Iresa Limited will always remain the same. Iresa Limited will provide you with what you need for less money along with good service quality.

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Date of last update: April 2016

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017