Green Energy (UK) plc

Green Energy UK aren't trying to compete with the 'big six' and they aren't trying to be the biggest supplier around. Their mission, as simple as it sounds, is to get the people of Britain to use more sustainable energy sources. They don't consider green energy an alternative energy and believe it should be everyone's source of energy. Their aim is an admirable one, to make being green mainstream.

Promising prices that are not only competitive with the green energy market but the entire market, whether it is one of the 'big six' or another independent. They are so far the first and only private company in the UK to give free shares to its customers. As shareholders, their customers can make suggestions at any time to improve the business and help it grow, and they can attend its AGM and put questions to the switch to them, they allow customers to become shareholders for free and join them in their mission to create an environmentally responsible energy supply industry.

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Date of last update: May 2015

Tariffs last updated 16 Jan 2017