Good Energy

Based in Wiltshire, Good Energy are an independent renewable company. Founded in 1997 as a response to climate change, they were the first fully renewable electricity supplier. Currently supplying over 40,000 homes, they source their energy from over 500 renewable generators spread across the United Kingdom. These renewables sources include solar, wind, hydro and wave power.  Good Energy have their own wind farm based in Delabole, North Cornwall.

Good Energy put simplicity and transparency at the heart of everything they do. They are firm believers that the energy market doesn't need to complex and mysterious. For every unit of energy that a Good Energy customer uses, the supplier produces a unit of electricity from one of the 500 renewable generators. Good Energy promise that over a year, each unit used by one of their customers is matched 100% with electricity sourced from Good Energy's own renewable generators. How much power Good Energy can generate is dependent on the Great British weather, so varies at different points of the year. They have a trading team in place that specialise in forecasting renewable technologies and take over 25 weather feeds three times a day to calculate how much energy their generators are producing. When they have too much, they will sell it to the energy market and when they have too little they will buy it from the market. Customers will never be left without power and even if Good Energy have to buy electricity from the National Grid, they promise that  all the energy their customers use will be matched with renewable power that they will generate.

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Date of last update: May 2015

Tariffs last updated 24 Jun 2016