Glide is an energy and telecommunications company specialising in supplying tenants, landlords, letting agents and property developers in the UK. Glide services include supplying gas, electricity, water, telephone lines, broadband and TV licences.

Glide was founded in 2006, with the mission to deliver one simple monthly bill for tenants in shared accommodation wanting to pay only their share. For example university students who want to split everything individually and without hassle. Glide was created for people in similar situations throughout the United Kingdom, Glide will ensure that you aren't bickering with housemates over unpaid bills as everything is set up individually and split equally.

Glide describe themselves as a "close knit team" who will do anything they can do to reduce the hassle of paying bills, in return allowing their customers to do more activities that they love. In 2014 the Sunday Times ranked Glide 95th on their fastest growing companies list .

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Date of last update: May 2015

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017