Gas and Electricity Prices

Gas and Electricity prices, or rates, are the fees an electric or gas supply company charges its customers for supply of gas and/or electricity. Gas and Electric supply companies charge their customers different rates, depending on the type of customer, the kind of contract, and on the customer's electricity needs. A gas or electric bill is calculated on the basis of the individual customer's rate, the level of consumption, and other charges, such as VAT and any government levies applicable to electricity prices in general in the UK .


Gas and electric prices are charged on the basis of number of kWh used in a particular period. You can easily check the number of electricity kWhs you use as your electricity meter displays these as units. Gas kWhs are not quite so easy to calculate as depending on the age of your gas meter the display will either by hundreds of cubic feet or cubic meter of gas used. To calculate the actual amount of gas kWhs you need a conversion factor which also takes into account the average height your location is above sea level.

Compare Gas and Electric prices

If you wish to compare gas and electricity prices the best way to do it is to have your existing gas and electricity bills to hand when you go to use the free Energylinx gas and electricity price comparison calculator.


If by chance you do not have this information to hand you can still calculate what savings you can make on your gas and electricity bills by using an estimated spend per year. If you have just moved into a new house where you have no knowledge of your likely spend or consumption, Energylinx provides a simple questionnaire on the type of property and its use and will calculate your best gas and electricity prices from a database of thousands of different property types which we have built up over the years.

Save on your bills

So if you are looking for the best gas and electricity prices for your home energy spend a few minutes and see just how much you can save on your bills by changing energy supplier to one with lower gas and electricity prices than you currently pay.


Out of interest a typical domestic electricity customer now pays £115 less for power than when the industry was privatized in 1990.

A comparison of April gas and electricity prices over the last decade indicates a fall in real terms of 32%.

Better still since the competitive market opened for gas and electricity prices the typical domestic customer can save up to £200 per year on their gas and electricity bills.

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