First Utility

Founded in 2008, First Utility are the seventh largest supplier in Britain, out with the 'big six'.  The Warwick based Energy supplier are the UK's biggest independent gas and electricity company. First Utility believed the energy market in Britain was "old-fashioned, slow and monopolised" and were set up in direct response to those fed up with the 'big six'. As a result, First Utility launched themselves on to the market as "a smarter, cheaper and more transparent" option.

According to The Telegraph, First Utility are "a small supplier, currently making big waves in the market". In the last 9 years their customer base has reached 450,000 domestic energy consumers. They were the first supplier to offer smart meters to new customers and are currently actively campaigning for faster switching times for consumers.

The claim to have permanently low price tariffs and their iSave Everyday is backed up with the price promise which is to always be cheaper than any of the 'big six' standard tariffs.

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