EDF Energy

EDF Energy are a subsidiary of the EDF group which is one of the biggest energy companies in Europe. EDF is short-hand for Electricite de France and the EDF group are based in Paris, France.

In Britain, EDF Energy was established in 2003 but had been investing in UK Energy since 1998. The results of the acquisitions and mergers of SEEBOARD, London Electricity, SWEB Energy and the former Virgin Energy Company.  EDF Energy are one of the 'Big Six' suppliers in the United Kingdom, supplying 6 million consumers throughout the country. They produce one-fifth of the UK's electricity from a variety of sources, including combined heat and power plants and wind farms, as well as the more traditional methods.  EDF Energy operates eight nuclear power plants throughout the UK, making them the largest low-carbon producer.

EDF Energy became the last of the "Big Six" to lower their prices in January 2015. This is a direct result of falling wholesale gas prices.

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Date of last update: May 2015

Tariffs last updated 17 Jan 2017