Founded in 1998, Ebico is the UK only non-profit energy supplier whose aim is use their status as a national company to further their ethical goals and to give a better and fairer deal to the British public. Ebico has been making a real difference for over fifteen years, especially to low-income households – but also to the planet. Ebico's title acronym derives from their original name: the Equitable Billing Company. EBICo are at the forefront of fair energy pricing, and well over 50,000 UK homes have already switched to Ebico's fair tariffs.

Ebico teamed up with the University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute to provide Ebico customers with Ebico iMeasure, an energy monitoring tool that will help them save energy, cut carbon emissions and support cutting – edge building energy research. This is free device available to Ebico customers.

Ebico are one of the smallest suppliers in the United Kingdom offer their customers a one rate fits all policy, not offering above average energy users a lesser unit charge. They believe that pricing should be as straight-forward and simple as possible, they have no standing charge, a one unit rate for all and no cancellations fees.

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Energylinx allows you to compare EBICo tariffs against the big six and all the other suppliers UK wide. Please click here.