British Gas

One of the 'Big Six' suppliers, British Gas is in fact the biggest supplier in the UK and currently serves around 11 million domestic customers throughout Britain. British Gas Service Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited are both subsidiaries of Centrica. Centrica is a British Company that is listed in the FTSE 100 and operate predominantly in Britain, Ireland and North America. Putting customers at the core of everything they do, their vision is to be the leading integrated energy company. By integrated energy they mean that they;

Source it
Finding gas and oil, anywhere in the world.

Generate it
Through wind farms, nuclear and gas-fired power stations

Process it
Centrica have onshore gas terminals which ensure high quality gas enters the transmission system.

Store it
They have the largest gas store facility in the UK at Rough.

Trade it
In North America and Britain Centrica trade gas and power to help secure energy to their customers.

Supply it
Centrica supply energy to homes and businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Service it
Centrica provide boiler heating and cooling maintenance and also breakdown cover products.

Save it
Centrica want to encourage customers to be more energy efficient. They offer products and services to assist their customers to better control their energy.

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British Gas state that affordability is a key issue to residential customers through Britain and state that their extensive coverage is both a strength and responsibility. In 2014, British Gas have set themselves the challenge of winning the trust of customers and other potential customers after what has been a negative spell in the media for the 'Big Six' suppliers.  British Gas say they are working with their customers to change the supplier for the better.

Since launching over 1 million British Gas customers have downloaded their innovative mobile app. The the app was created to help British Gas customers on the go by allowing them to look after every aspect of their account through a handy, convenient and easy-to-use app, which is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play

British Gas customers are rewarded with Nectar Point that they are able to collect each year.
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